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11 Best Collar for German Shepherd of 2021

You want your German shepherd feels comfort, not strangled with his collar. Right?

But failing to equip your GSD with the right collar will hurt their neck and skeleton in the long run. GSD are big, strong, and have a unique head shape. So, it’s a difficult process for GSD owner to pick the right collar.

However, we’re here to help you to find the best collar for German shepherd. After thorough research and testing, we came up with a list of 11 most popular collars for large breeds like GSD.

Let’s jump into it…

Although we call them German Shepherd collars, these collars are fitting Pitbull, Labrador, Rottweiler, bullies, mastiffs, golden retriever, bulldog, border collie or any large dog as perfectly.

Comparison of Our Top Picks – German Shepherd Dog Collar 2021

Best Collar for Large Dogs like German Shepherd [Updated List 2021]

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar – The Most Versatile Collar

Pet Resolve is one of the simplest yet most versatile dog training collar on the market we have tested.

It’s nice to know that this Pet Resolve collar offers 10 levels of continuous or momentary shock. If also offer vibrations or beeps for efficient and safe training.

Shock dog training collar is always a controversial issue. Fortunately, this collar let you remove the shock function. You can use the plastic prongs instead.

This collar comes with 2cm extra-long prongs making it perfect for long-haired dogs. Thus it ensures better contact and less chance of needing to trim the hair.

It also has a super long range than many of the much more expensive e-collars. It’s a perfect collar for outdoor training and for hunting dogs covering the widest areas. What’s more, you can train up to three dogs at a time for a range of desirable behaviors.

Lastly, Pet Resolve collar is of high quality and completely waterproof. Obviously, you’ll get what you pay for with this simple collar.

2. SKY-TING Dog Training Collar – For The Best Skin Protection

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Here’s another best collar for German shepherd from SKY-TING. It scores a top average rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 from at the time of writing.

So, what makes it so highly rated?

Firstly, SKY-TING dog collar comes with three adjustable training modes. You can adjust 8 levels of vibration and 16 levels of shock to choose the most suitable one for your lovely pooch.

Secondly, the adjustable strap makes it a solid choice for small, medium and large dogs (8.8 to 88 lbs). Moreover, the uses of two soft conductive silicone covers make it more comfortable for dog to wear.

The IPX7 waterproof receiver lets your dog enjoy the aquatic adventures in his life. It works well even immersed in water. Furthermore, its high-quality material construction ensures it’s durable enough for frequent use.

Finally, thanks to its quick charging and long-lasting battery life. Your equipment is always ready to train and for long walks!

3. Ipets Remote Training Dog Collar – The Best Intuitive Design

Find difficulties in using remote control collar with multiple button presses? Then, this easy- to use collar from Ipets can be an excellent choice. The simple design along with the intuitive layout makes it a perfect tool for dog training.

First of all, it offers separated buttons for three main functions- vibration, static and tone. This feature enables you to send commands by pressing one of the buttons quickly. What’s more, you can easily adjust the 0 to 100 level of intensity simply by rotating the dial.

This remote control offers range up to 1000 ft. which is ideal for training the backyard or nearby park. Moreover, the remote features LCD with blue backlit which makes it convenient to use both day and night. The tool comes with 2-in-1 splitter charging cable. So, you can simultaneously charge both the transmitter and receiver. Of course, you’ll appreciate its power-saving design with automatic standby and memory function.

4. PESTON Dog Training Collar – The Best Range and Safest Option

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If you’re looking for the best professional dog training collar with excellent range, then this one from PESTON can meet your need.

The first thing you should know about this collar is it comes with 1500ft. control range. And this range is obviously more than enough range than any collar of its class.

The best part of this collar is its remote offers you wall penetrating signal. So, you can train and control your dog without worrying about it running too far. And you can prevent your pooch from barking indoors, too.

What’s more, there is a security lock on the remote. Hence, you can carry the remote without worrying about any accidental shock to your dog. It’s nice to know that its remote can control 2 training collars separately or 9 collars at the same time.

Of course, this size-adjustable collar is perfect for all size dogs (10lbs~100lbs). It also comes with an IPX6 WATERPROOF rating. It means dogs with the collar can still bath or swim freely in the water.

5. Petrainer PET916-2 Shock Collar – Best for New E-collar User

If you’re an amateur trainer and looking for an easy to operate e-collar, PET916-2 can be a perfect choice for you.

PET916-2 comes with a professional look that delivers professional performance. With its 3 correction modes, you can easily solve the uncontrollable behavior of your dog.

Another nice feature is its stable remote control. It comes with an external antenna that inaugurates with through-wall technology. It provides a wide range of sensitivity levels for both shock and vibration. This feature and 1000ft. remote range let you cover any household misbehavior and backyard problems.

It benefits from an advanced military-style enclosure that protects it against fall damage. Moreover, it can be the best choice for bringing your pooch to the swimming pool or beach without worries about damaged. Both the receiver and transmitter is 100% waterproof. It means that you can use it any type of wet conditions. In conclusion, this e-collar will help you to stop your dog’s misbehavior anywhere, anytime!

6. German shepherd Dog Breed Collar and Leash Set – Best Breed Themed Collar

Wish to invite conversation about your dog breed? Then, this breed themed collar and leash set is a perfect tool to show your breed pride.

It’s a bright, stylish and colorful collar which is great for German shepherd. The woven-in design with 4 ft. long leash is fully adjustable to fit any neck size.

This best color collar for German shepherd is proudly made in the USA to ensure the highest quality. It’s nice to know that this set comes with a satisfaction guarantee for added peace of mind. What can be a great gift for your lovely German shepherd other than this?

7. M1-K9 Dog Collar – Best Heavy-duty

If you’re the proud owner of German Shepherds, Labradors, or Pit Bulls, then this heavy-duty collar can be an excellent choice. This wide collar is suitable for any large breed dog.

It benefits from a heavy duty nylon webbing and steel screw lock carabiner that makes it suitable for bigger dogs that need the added security.

It also comes with a 2.25″ quick release buckle that makes it easy to put on. It’s also generally quite comfortable for your dog.

8. PET ARTIST – Best Genuine Leather Dog Collar

When it comes to buying heavy-duty, yet comfortable collar for walking or training medium & large dogs, this product from PET ARTIST worth considering. It’s one of the best leather collars for German shepherds.

Firstly, the unique handle+ D- ring design offers you the confident and quick control over your dog. Additionally, it benefits from D-rings beside the buckle for connecting a leash.

Secondly, the soft touching genuine leather construction provides your dog with great comfort. It’s also comfortable to hold in your hand. Of course, the anti-rust zinc alloy buckles give you a reliable level of durability, especially for daily and heavy-duty use.

9. RedLine K9 – Best Professional Grade Collar

RedLine K9 is a professional grade,heavy duty dog collar for German shepherd, Schutzhund, Rottweiler and more. The focus on durability is a key feature of this collar. The heavy-duty latigo leather construction makes it best-suited for large sized dog breeds.

On the other hand, it uses a heavy layer of felt to reduce the stress on the dog’s neck. In addition, this further aids fast dry. The handle+ D-ring design is also a useful addition that boosts more control over your dog.

10. Bestia Rocky – Best Handmade Studded Collar

This studded design collar is great for the French bulldog to German shepherd. This handmade collar with a barrel type nickel plated studs decoration offers style and durability. It’s very light and soft at the same time.

It uses 100% genuine leather- inside and outside to keep your dog comfortable on long walks. It fits and feels so good that your dog will love to wear it every day.

The craftsmanship, the quality, the hardware- everything about this collar is top notch. Absolutely, it worths every penny.

11. Pit Bull & Large Breeds Leather Dog Collar – Best for Any Large Breed

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This 2-inch width dog collar from BlackJacks Leather is perfect for any bigger breeds. This is a real handcrafted, rugged and durable collar that makes it a solid choice for any large breeds in particular.

Additionally, it comes with high-quality hardware which is very durable. The buckle is will certainly stay nice and secure at all times. It’s also pretty simple to adjust due to the two- rows adjustment holes.

This leather collar offers great quality comfort which is always a good thing to see. It’s also available in 1 and 1.25- inch width in different lengths.


We hope this review of the best collar for German shepherd has provided you a clear idea of what you’re going to buy for your dog.

All the above-reviewed collars are indeed best in quality and functionality. So, you won’t regret any of the purchase.

Thanks for reading!

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