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10 Best Leather Dog Collars of 2021 -The Safe and Stylish Choice

Welcome to our best leather dog collar reviews.

A dog collar is not only a legal requirement but also a fashion statement. And to protect and keep your dog comfortable, leather dog collar is undoubtedly a great option.

But million dollar question dog parents often ask is: which are the outstanding leather dog collars of the present time? Read on to find out the answer.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Leather Dog Collar

One question you may have is how to choose the best leather dog collars and leashes.

Don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered.

This simple guide will explain what factors to consider when buying the perfect leather dog collar.

Consider the following factors when choosing a leather collar.

  • Collar Quality

The first thing you should consider is the quality of the leather dog collar. You should go for a collar that is not only flexible and comfortable but also durable in most active situations. The low-quality collar can lead to dyed fur from color bleeds, terrible smell and much more.

  • Neck Size

If the collar is too small, your dog will feel pretty uncomfortable. The too tight collar may cause skin irritation, sweating and hair tangles.

A too big collar will not feel very safe and secure. It may slip out of it. And the worse thing is it may get caught on something.

In fact, if the leather collar doesn’t fit it well, your dog will have a bad experience. So, before making a buying decision, correctly measure the neck size of your dog and choose accordingly.

  • Collar Width

The width of the collar is mainly a matter of preference or personal choice. However, if you have a stronger and active dog, a wider collar will work well.

So, you have the right size and width of the collar for your pet. Right?

Now, all that is left is to pick the high-quality, right collar that you choose most! Pick the one for your pooch that feels and looks excellent, and is well within your budget.

The Benefits

Why use a leather collar for your dog? Certainly, leather collars have various advantages over the other types of dog collar. Some of these are:

  • Durability

Leather dog collars are long lasting compared to different collar types if you can maintain it properly and can keep it dry.

Available in different colors

These types of collar are available in various colors. So, it offers you a great option to choose from that you want.

  • Fashionable

Your pet will never be out of fashion while wearing a leather collar.  Leather collars are always in the top choices for dog owner for the style as well as fashion.

  • Comfortable

If these types of collars are properly fitted, they are more comfortable for most of the pets. The leather collar also supports the fur around the neck area.

  • Safe

Leather can stretch over time. But this type is safe to use for your pet. Most of the leather collars are non-allergenic.

  • Easy to clean

Leather collars are easy to clean. With just soap, water and cloth you can clean it easily.

Our Top Picks

In a hurry? Take a few seconds only and easily compare our top 10 leather dog collars.

Here is a list of the Best Leather Dog Collars in 2021

Don’t stop reading yet!

Our experts have invested a significant amount of time to research, test, and recommend the most excellent leather dog collars for your dog. And finally, they’ve recommended the top 10 leather dog collars.

Certainly, our review will help you to pick the right one for your furry friend.

1. Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar by Soft Touch Collars

If you’re looking for the real leather dog collar, stop your search here. Soft touch padded collar is a fantastic, luxury leather collar that you’re looking for.

We consider it the outstanding leather dog collar available due to its SUPERIOR QUALITY and WORKMANSHIP.

The Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar’s

Features include:

  • Made of full grain naturally tanned genuine leather- To offer the supreme quality that makes it a great-value buy
  • Internal padding- to make it feel very comfortable for your dog
  • Built-in ring- to offer you a place for dog tags
  • Lacquered finish, solid brass D-ring and buckle- to prevent corrosion and rust
  • Generous lifetime guarantee- to ensure the impeccable quality and durability

Another reason this is the best overall leather dog collar is the fact that many different sizes are available (ranges from small to extra-large) to suit your dog’s neck size. So, you won’t face any problem when it comes to picking the right size collar for your puppy or dog.

Moreover, it features a two-tone design. So, it looks very charming. And you must love the several variations of color. As a result, you can choose what color combination you like most.

Overall, it’s excellent, super quality and one of the best-personalized dog collars. Your dog must look amazing in it!

2. Logical leather Padded Dog Collar

When it comes to buying a very simple, yet effective padded and comfortable dog collar, then this product from Logical leather is second to none.

The quality of this collar is unquestionable. It won’t damage dog’s neck hair like nylon collars.

Let’s have a look at its features-

  • Made with genuine full grain leather- to ensure the highest level of quality
  • Soft padded split leather lining- to offer the supreme comfort to your dog
  • Heavy-duty metal leash ring and clasp- to give you the confidence that it will fair well for even the most active dogs
  • Water & stains resistance- to ensure its durability under general day to day use and any weather.

Overall, this is a beautiful, charming leather collar that makes your dog looking great while training, walking and relaxing.

3. Viosi Leather Padded Dog Collar

The Viosi Leather Padded Dog Collar can be another top choice for any dog owner who wishes to invest in a durable, comfortable, eco-friendly leather dog collar.

Do you want to know why we have added this collar to our list? It comes with some features that we know you’ll love.

  • Made of Genuine Kingston Luxury Leather Tanned Buffalo Hide- for strength, minimal stretch, and durability
  • Padded leather interior- to provide maximum comfort to your dog
  • Solid Brass Buckle D-ring- It’s situated on the top of the collar for easy leash attachment
  • Superior hand stitching using the strongest threads- for added durability and beauty

It’s also worth noting that it’s available in a broad range of different designs and styles without sacrificing the quality. Of course, there’s also some flexibility to the sizes, with four alternative sizes from small to X-large to choose from.

4. Personalized Engraved Soft Leather ID Dog Collar by Custom Catch

If we had to pick the most reviewed and top-rated leather dog collar out of all of the others on this list, this would be the clear winner.

This Soft Leather ID Dog Collar features a unique style. It’s perfect as a dog wedding collar, a service dog collar, or any other use you can imagine! It’s truly a high-quality customized dog ID alternative. It let you add your dog’s name, address, and your phone number. Moreover, you can add any text you want.

The features that it offers are-

  • Different text styles- To let you add information what you want
  • Comes in different colors- Red, yellow, orange, green, blue and soft pink colors are available, so there’s definitely some choices for you to consider
  • Made of genuine leather- To hold up very well to harsh play condition
  • Engraved in Vermont- to make it very clear and permanently readable
  • Secure metal buckle and ring- to put a leash

The sizing of this collar comes in XS, Small, Medium or Large. As you can see from the image that it comes with some lovely heart, bone and paw design that really sets it apart from the average leather collar.

It’s also worth noting that the collar offers 100% guaranteed quality.

Importantly, at last count, it had more than 3000+ reviews by dog owners at the time of writing. Furthermore, it continues to be one of the highest rated (4.7 out of 5) leather dog collar.

A lot of great reviews prove that most of the pet owners are happy with this particular collar. So, we can assure you that it’ll serve you and your dog well over the years.

Certainly, this custom dog collar will make your dog stand out from the rest.

5. Padded Leather Dog Collars in Metallic and Bold Non-Metallic Colors By Perri’s

Perri’s padded leather dog collar is a great buy for anyone who is looking for comfort and luxurious for his/ her dog.

It features include-

  • Made from high-grade components- To make great use of the durability
  • Made in the USA- to give you confidence that you get the top- quality product
  • Lambskin padding- Very soft and comfortable that will feel great for your dog to wear
  • Reliable stainless steel/ solid brass roller buckle- To ensure you that it’ll last for many years without any worries at all.

What makes this collar so popular is the fact that it comes in nearly 30 color combinations. Each of the color combinations uses black or brown leather on the outside. On the other hand, each combination features various color in the inner lining. The black outer collar comes with stainless steel hardware while the brown outer collar features solid brass hardware.

Of course, various size options are available.  So, you won’t face much trouble to find the right size collar for your dog.

All in all, it’s a stylish and nice-looking collar that offers you the super quality for a great price. So it’s easy to see why it receives so many good feedback’s from most buyers.  Your pet must be very happy wearing this amazing collar!

6. Basic Leather Classic Padded Pet Collars by AOLOVE – (for Puppy, Small Medium Dog, Cats)

This product is available in four sizes that make it perfect for cats, puppy and small to medium size dogs. Moreover, it offers you ten color options to choose from.

In conclusion, this pet collar is simple but well-made and rugged that won’t disappoint you. It has gained more than 500 positive reviews with an average rating of 4.3 (out of 5.0) at the time of writing.

Here’s a basic, classic- looking genuine leather pet collar that’s perhaps one of the most affordable in our entire review.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, cheaper leather collar, then this option from AOLOVE may be worth a look.

Despite the low pricing, the quality of this collar is pretty good. The leather construction is strong and durable yet comfortable for your dog to wear.

The features include-

  • Fashionable and personalized designed- to make your dog stand out
  • 5 holes for adjustment- to make it simple to adjust
  • Nickel-plated, heavy-duty D-ring- to make it rugged and tough enough to give you respectable performance

7. CollarDirect Soft Padded Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Now, here’s a thinner, smaller and simpler style of leather collar that comes from CollarDirect. This rolled leather collar offers you the perfect combination of high-quality, style as well as comfort.

The lightweight, small and rolled shape makes it ideal for both long-haired dog breeds and puppies.

Its features include-

  • Made of specially treated genuine leather- to make it very soft, safe and non-allergic
  • Rolled (round) shape- to prevent tangling and damaging dog’s long neck fur
  • Fully handmade- for attention to detail and great quality
  • High-Quality hardware- to make the collar strong and durable
  • Lightweight and elegant design- to make it ideal for daily use

What we like most about this collar is its non-allergenic natural leather. So, it’ll well-suited to pets with sensitive skin. Furthermore, it comes in several sizes from extra small to large and it’s colorful too. So, you can choose between several variations of colors.

In summary, this best rolled leather dog collar can be a good option for dog owners who want thin collars for their pets.

8. ChedeReal Leather Handmade Luxury Dog Collar

If you’re looking for a stylish, strong yet budget-friendly dog collar, then this option from Chede it’s certainly a great buy.

It comes with a simple buckle design that’s incredibly easy to use. It also offers some degree of adjustability which helps you to achieve a snug fit without too much trouble. Great! Isn’t it?

Features that it offers are-

  • Handmade and hand stitched- to make the construction quality as good as you’d expect
  • Softly padded inside- to protect your dog necks form irritation and rubbing. Also to offer supreme comfort to your dog
  • Strong and beautiful metal hardware- to make it strong and very durable
  • Easy to care- To let you clean it easily with gentle leather cleaner and soft damp cloth

Your furry friend will look very charming and smart in this bronze hardware and beautiful brown leather collar. And the quality means that you can trust it to last for a very long time.

 9. Cumberland Leather Dog Collar from Warner

Now, here’s a unique yet nonetheless fantastic leather dog collar from Warner Manufacturing.

No more jingling, dangling dog tags!

Of course, it comes with a free machined Engraved Brass ID tag on the collar. After all, the ID tag is great as it’snot just painted on but engraved. So the text will hold up good to scratches.

The features it comes with are-

  • Actually made in USA- Great for quality and durability
  • Heavy Genuine Leather- built to last
  • Nickel Plated Hardware- that should last for many years without any worries at all.
  • 5 holes in 1 inch apart- to snugly fit it to your dog’s neck

One thing!

This collar is well-suited for medium to large dogs (1-inch width). So, consider this before you order.

10. Vcalabashor Custom Leather Collar

No products found.

So, you’re looking for colorful, stylish and best custom dog collars for your dogs. Right?

Then, Vcalabashor personalized leather collar is the product you’re looking for.

This dog collar is thoughtfully designed and beautifully made that meet the highest standard.

Want more specifics? Let’s dive in!

  • Made from 100% premium genuine leather- means that you get the high-quality
  • Stylish braided design- to make it not only beautiful but also useful and practical
  • Corrosion-proof stainless steel hardware- to make it functional and long lasting
  • Laser engraving pet id plates- to allow you to personalize it with your dog’s name or other information that you like
  • The laser engraving is also a permanent engraving solution.
  • Available in 5 SIZES and 6 COLORS- to let you find the right one that’s most appealing to your dog before you buy.


When it comes to buying the best leather dog collars, there are so many choices that even the experienced dog owners would find it frustrating to pick the right one for his/ her loved pet.

Hope, this review with buyer guide has resolved it.

Any of the leather dog collars from our list certainly will be a simple but smart choice for your furry friend. You’re guaranteed to get the most excellent collar for your dog.

So, why are you still sitting back?

Pick the right one now!

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