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Best Prong Collar For Dogs -Make the Right Choice In 2021

Is your dog leash reactive? Or do you lose control over your dog on a leash?

If these are the cases and you’re looking for a gentle way to communicate with your dog, then prong collar can be a good option for you. In fact, the prong collar is the most basic dog training collars that works by providing non-damaging pinch when you tug the leash. It’s also a safe and effective alternative to choke collar.

In this article, we’re going to highlight 4 best prong collar for dogs on the market right now. You can be sure that these collars are reliable that won’t disappoint you.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to it, shall we?

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Here is a List of 4 Best Prong Collars for Dogs in 2021

1. Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

Core Features:

  • Made from high-quality chrome plated steel
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Proudly made in Germany
  • Build for strength and safety

Here’s a premium-grade dog prong collar from the higher-end brand called Herm Sprenger. This brand is one of the most popular and recognizable names in obedience training tools.

First of all, this efficient Stainless Steel Collar is specially made for training purposes and behavior correction. However, this collar will simplify your life with your dog. This professional tool is also perfect for daily walking. It helps to make your dog obedient without causing any pain.

Importantly, the ends of the links are carefully designed in round shape to provide safe correction. Furthermore, it has prongs evenly arranged around it. So, the pressure is spread evenly around the dog’s neck making it painless.

If you’re looking for quick release prong collar, this won’t disappoint you. It features HS Scissor Snap that enables the collar to be easily fastened around the neck and fast release of the dog.

The construction quality of this collar is just as good as your expectation. The workmanship and quality of the collar are second to none. These are produced in Germany from the finest quality of materials.

Of course, it comes in a wide range of sizes. The Herm Sprenger prong collar sizes are small, medium, large, X-large. So you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the right size for your dog.

Surprisingly, despite its functionality, it looks chic and shines attractively.

2. Easy-On Dog Prong Collar by Coastal Pet

Core Features:

  • Build for maximum strength and durability
  • Heavy duty prong
  • Quick release buckle to make it easier to put on dog
  • Manufactured in Taiwan

 The Coastal Pet Easy-on is another top choice for any dog owner who decides to use a prong collar for his/ her dog training. Coastal Pet is a renowned brand which has brought many excellent dog collars in the market you’re likely to find at the moment.

The supreme quality construction makes it a great value.Particularly, the combination of the black color buckle and chrome plated chain makes it not only functional but also great looking as well.

The design features buckle which you can undo to make the collar large enough to slide over the head easily. Moreover, the argon welded, chrome plated chain offers the maximum strength and durability. It will not break, rust or tarnish.

Overall, it’s a great prong collar that effectively helps dog to train up and learn to behave and walk obediently.

3. JANNIK Herm Sprenger Pinch Training Collar

Core Features:

  • Authentic and high-quality
  • 20-inch X-large chain
  • Includes 4 mm 10 premium links
  • Black Anodized finish providing a subtler aesthetic
  • Made in Germany

 Here’s another great collar from Herm Sprenger which features Anodized Black Stainless Steel construction to offer the supreme quality that makes it a great-value buy.

The collar is certainly very functional and classic. Five prongs are linked on both sides of the center plate with prong links. It places even pressure on the neck sides and not on the trachea. This well- thought design makes it comfortable for your dog to wear.

It comes in one size with a measurement of 4.00 mm x 20″ X-Large. It’s the length for you to “start” with. It fits dog’s neck size up to 16 to 18 inches depending on fur depth and fur. But you can add or remove the prong links to adjust the fit. If you need more prong links, you can buy it separately.

It’s also worth noting that the prong links ends are beveled, rounded and polished. This fabrication is consistent in the Herm Sprenger manufacturing design.

All in all, it’s a non-harmful, first-class professional training collar. Good for your pooch, AND you!

4. Mayerzon Prong Dog Collar

Core Features:

  • High-quality stainless steel spike and rubber tips
  • Suitable for medium, large, x-large dogs
  • Detachable links & high-quality D-ring
  • High-quality nylon & Soft –padded leather handle
  • Heavy duty & swivel snap hook
  • Heavy-duty metal chain
  • Heavy-duty metal connection ring

This collar from Mayerzon is one of the best pinch collars for dogs who pull the leash. It’s a very simple but effective prong training collar with comfort tips. If you’re looking for a reliable prong collar to start teaching your dog to behave correctly, then this option is a great buy.

It features a heavy duty & swivel snap hook that can be rotated 360-degree that makes it very easy to use.  The heavy-duty metal chain is highly durable. The soft-padded leather handle makes it easy when attaching it to the chain. It’s also flexible and prevents tangling.

The design for putting it on and taking off the dog is a great concept. All the hardwares are fully guaranteed against breakage, rust and tarnish.

To sum up, it’s an ideal training collar for aggressive dogs. Certainly, you’ll enjoy a great time with your dog!


Although, prong collar is not without controversy, if you can use it properly for your dog, it can be a useful tool in some circumstances.

For focused training sessions and to have a consistent conversation with the dog, prong collars are extremely popular with many dog owners. Moreover, prong collar can be a safe alternative to a slip collar.


Without definite knowledge and proper use, a prong collar may harm a dog physically and mentally. So, you must consult a specialist before buying a prong dog collar.

And don’t forget to take off it after the daily training session to avoid prong collar injuries.

Hope, this article will help you a lot to decide and buy the best prong collar for dogs.

Make walking with your furry friend enjoyable again!

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